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ShowerHeaven 720/720 3jet with lighting

Product features
  • shower head size: 720 x 720 mm
  • spray type: RainAir (rain spray enriched with air), normal spray, laminar spray
  • flow rate RainAir spray (at 0.3 MPa): 20.5 l/min
  • flow rate normal spray (at 0.3 MPa): 36.8 l/min
  • flow rate laminar spray: 15.9 l/min
  • the 3 spray zones must be controlled via 3 valves or a diverter valve with 3 outlets, can be activated individually or in combination
  • spray zones: Bodyzone - outer overhead shower zone, Rainzone - inner overhead shower zone with AirPower function, laminar spray at Ø 17 mm
  • spray disc surface: polished stainless steel
  • frame: brushed stainless steel
  • installation: ceiling
  • with integrated lighting
  • illuminant: LED
  • power supply: 12 V
  • transformer power supply for concealed installation 12 V, 18 W
  • input voltage: 100 - 240 V AC / 50 / 60 Hz
  • output voltage: 12 V - DC
  • colour temperature: 2700 K
  • energy efficiency label: C
  • not suitable for continuous flow water heaters
  • TÜV certified

Retailer in:

Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel
  • Art. no. 10627800


  • More pleasure, more efficiency

    More pleasure, more efficiency

    Products with this shower technology combined water with air to pamper you with more voluminous, lighter and softer water droplets on your skin. For greater showering pleasure with water efficiency.

    Get more fun from less water
  • Fast anti-limescale function

    Fast anti-limescale function

    Who really likes cleaning? Our invention, QuickClean, rapidly removes dirt and limescale deposits from mixers and showers. Flexible silicon nubs make sure of this. Beware of copies: this QuickClean logo is the only guarantee of genuine Hansgrohe quality.

    Rub off residues easily

Spray type

  • RainAir


    Gentle air-enriched rainfall.